Behind the 2020 Tokyo

2020 Tokyo同時進行小説&オリジナル小説・エッセー・コラムをブログとYouTubeで展開しています。


The people of the pro-Beijing faction are sure also to think.

When there was still impossibility in the exchange with one party dictatorship.

Though it was a fight with a national party in China before the war

It doesn't face the communist party.

Propaganda toward Japan is a so to speak part of the scapegoat.

What is this captain detention made use of and pressure toward Japan?

[Seko] passes too much.

There is no leader of the important person

It is like occupying it in and out.

The weakness is grasped by such a country.

The threat is put.

The influential figure is not found in Japan today.

Top enterprise that relies on Chinese market

It is not good in the bureaucrat etc.

There is anything only at such time.

Strategy PR power is tested.

The national strategy bureau ..figurehead.. doesn't pass.

The current world and antiwar, etc. are impossible.

To man even if you decorate the justice

It comes to get to know me of the huge evil in that.

It is "Human destiny. "

The war is not lost as long as there are I and others of evil.

Dr. [zairasu] meant science fiction film "Battle For The Planet Of The Apes" so.

Though the United States holds the external debt of four quadrillion yen or more

The country is maintained.

Being able to use the military expense of 50 trillion yen a year also

It is because there is Anglo-Saxon's enormous property in backing.

The tron that Japan developed with the trade barrier

It makes to the import prohibition, and it is made use of.

It succeeded in making of Windows a business.

Bill Gates is ..five trillion.. ..yen.. nearby personal asset.

It can be said a so to speak national strategy.

The Steve Jobs is also the same.

There is in swarms such a person the feature of the United States.

Japan today uses Treaty of Mutual Cooperation and Security between Japan and the United States of America.

The road is only in taking the countermeasure.